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Catamaran crusises
Charters in Corsica

One of the most spectacular itineraries on the western Mediterranean for your catamaran holiday. The island has never been subject of excessive development due to tourism, in fact it is, for the most part, covered by natural Mediterranean vegetation, together with the local bushes, shrubs and aromatic trees which in springtime spread a distinct fragrance, detectable even from miles off shore. Hard not to let oneself be intoxicated: maybe due to its Genovese origin or its ‘Caribbean’  like beaches surrounded by mountains, either way we cannot deny peoples fascination with this island.

The Corsican itinerary is without rival, a true sail boat journey along the spectacular and remote coastline of Corsica, passing beautiful cliff sides in Scandola, the fiery red sunsets of Girolata, the very high Calanche of Piana, the endless coves along the southwest coast and, finally, Bonifacio and Lavezzi.

This itinerary allows us to visit the Northwest area of Corsica aboard our catamarans, the most exclusive and worldly area, descending to Saint-Florent, Ille Rousse, Calvi and, time permitting, navigate across the marine park of Scandola then to pause in the breathtaking cove of Girolata.


This hamlet protected by small uninhabited islands seems to have been created for lovers of calm waters. Rugged beauty apart, splendid natural swimming holes of the island and panoramic stretches of sand on which to enjoy a sunbathe or long sunset swims.


Santa Manza

Santa Manza is a gulf formed by sandy beaches and small coves about 7km from Bonifacio. Famous for its crystal clear sea, white sand and luxurious nature, representing a wonderful union of intense colours and perfumes, both from sea and pine forest that often protect the coves.


Porto Vecchio

In this area you will find one after another of beautiful paradise like beaches of white sand and emerald waters, immersed in spectacular uncontaminated and often wild panoramas. To these add a myriad of hidden coves concealed along the cliff edged coast line, little corners of poetic peace.


 Santa Giulia Beach

The water is exceptional shallow and calm, with small areas of corral reef which are easy to pass over. Santa Giulia is the ideal beach for small children, therefore a very popular destination for families.



On the south west coast, not far from Bonifacio, is the beach of Roccapina: a small beach of white sand set between rocky cliffs. Reached on foot the Torre di Roccapina, which gives its name to the beach, you can descend on the opposite side and enjoy the beach of Erbaju, beautiful never busy and wild.


Plage d’Argent

Located in the gulf of Murtoli, near Roccapina, in a ambiance of rare beauty. It is a small but captivating peaceful beach and its rocky cliffs give it a paradise like character. Difficult to reach except by sea, it gives its visitors breathtaking panoramas and dives into a Caribbean like sea.



Although officially part of France this city has a very Italian character. With many places to chose from to have fun in the evenings and nights, a large selection of restaurants in which for an “authentic taste of Corsica” you will be able to taste many local recipes. Not far from Bonifacio you will find the beach or cove of Stagnolu, among the nudist beaches of Corsica. This beach due to its small size, access only by sea or on foot and the way the coast is shaped enjoys a very intimate atmosphere.