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Very close to Italy, Croatia is a natural paradise, the perfect place for a sailing boat holiday with our exclusive MadMax Nautical franchising agreement.

A dive into the most beautiful Adriatic and a occasional landing onto beaches like the one on the island of Vis, and then off to the north, a visit to the enchanting national park of the Kornati islands.

These islands are often compared to the Polynesia of the Adriatic, made up of bare rock faces and dry stone walls, almost all uninhabited, when navigating around them we find small “secret” restaurants and kiosks from which excellent grilled fish can be sampled.

The last stage to the south, defined as the pearl of Dalmatia, we find the island of Hvar, rich in small inlets and coves only accessible from the sea and the fashionable Palmizana where you can dock in the evenings to enjoy a romantic meal or party all night and cement in your minds all the unforgettable moments of your catamaran holiday.

Sibenik e Skradin

This week long itinerary navigates around two of the most famous locations of the Dalmatian coast: Sibenik with the KRKA river estuary and the majestic waterfalls of Skradin, is the uncontaminated archipelago of the Incoronate (Kornati) islands. Departing from the marina in Frapa, following an overnight mooring in a beautiful and very protected cove, only a few miles from Marina, the following day we sail just a little over 12 miles and arrive at the mouth of the canal which leads us to the city of Sibenik (Sebenicco). Overlooked by a Venetian fort dating from the 500’s this fiord, which in reality is an estuary of the Krka river, offers incredible scenery.

Krka River

The trip up the Krka river starts at Sibenik, for about 8 miles, surrounded by majestic scenery, all the way to the small town of Skradin.

 Krka National Park

The KRKA National park is located in the near Skradin, with its famous waterfalls. We reach Sibenik in around 2 miles, located inside an extraordinary natural harbor. The trip up the Krka river starts at Sibenik, for about 8 miles, surrounded by majestic scenery, all the way to the small town of Skradin.

The ACI Marina

From Skradin, where you can choose a beautiful ACI Marina and a romantic night moored on a river bend, in 2 days, spending one night moored off an island of the Sibenik archipelago, we reach the Incoronate islands.

Incoronate Islands

Half way up the canal which runs between the Incoronate islands and the small islands to the west is the small village of Vrulje, inhabited only during the summer months. It is a archipelago made up of more that 150 islands, one of the most famous sections of the Mediterranean sea.

Island of Kornat

At the most northerly point of the island of Kornat you will find a fabulous harbor, enclosed between 2 islands and completely sheltered, Mala Proversa. Here you will find one of the areas best restaurants, Aquarius. Their grilled Bass is legendary.

Spalato – Solta – Hvar – Vis

Proceeding southward along the Dalmatian coast from Spalato, we reach the southern islands of Solta, a gem off the Dalmatian coast it is an ideal destination for a calm and relaxing excursion, Hvar, with its beautiful diversified beaches and sunny climate, and Vis with its unspoiled natural beauty and the evocative grotta azzurra! (blue grotto)

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