Cruises at Island of Elba

This year the safest holiday is at sea!

no queues and crowds ... only you, your family and the sea.

Charter to the island of Elba and the Tuscan archipelago


The island of Elba is an ideal destination for a sail boat holiday. The light winds, calm sea and small distance from the Tuscan coast are attractions that can lure anyone to life on the sea; without even considering the beauty of some of the coves difficult to reach by land.

Hiring a catamaran is an unmissable opportunity to visit the island of Elba from a different view point, to navigate its coastline letting yourself be lulled by the waves, to explore secret and fascinating ravines.

A holiday for everyone: from families with children who love to dive into calm waters near the coast, to groups of friends who want to experience the emotions of a dawn deep sea fishing trip, to the couples looking for a little privacy and romantic sunsets.


entire trip between Portoferraio and the Capo d’Enfola moves you along the famous white beaches of Elba, a marvelous stretch of coast which offers dramatic cliffs and occasional picturesque beaches of white pebbles lapped by a sea of incredibly beautiful and bright colours.


Marciana Marina

One of the islands most picturesque villages, captured like a precious jewel within the rocky cliffs.
On one side we find the old port and on the other the small tourist port, both protected by the fortified Medicean tower.


Punta Polveraia

This section of coast on the island of Elba is characterized by the presence of small wild coves of indubitable fascination, immersed in the surrounding uncontaminated nature, mainly approachable only by sea. Natural fascination is sparked by the wild beauty of the area and the crystal clear waters as well as the beaches valued for their tranquility.


Marina di Campo

Has the longest sandy beach (1,850 meters) on the island of Elba, a beach that slopes gently into the water, with multiple shallows, which makes this beach among the favorites for families with children. It faces the gulf  of Marina di Campo, in the centre of the southern coast of Elba, with the island of Montecristo on the horizon.


Isola di Capraia

A boat provides an excellent view point for spotting dolphins and other large sea creatures which live in the area around the island. Studded with small rock coves, lapped by the crystal clear waters of the sea which allow you to admire the sea floor.


Porto Azzurro

In a cove protected by the gulf of ‘Mola’, historically used as a natural docking point on the maritime sea lanes of the Tirreno sea. At the beginning of the 16th century it was fortified by the Spanish in order to guarantee the safety of its military and commercial ship convoys.

The Island of Giglio

island of Giglio is located in the Tuscan archipelago in front of mount Argentario, it is certainly an island to discover. Offering tourists and sea lovers beautiful beaches and inlets.
The crystal clear waters offer a fascinating under water world for passionate divers, its land (still 90% wild) invite you to enjoy ample trekking and mountain biking paths.


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Porto Azzurro beach Island of Elba