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Island of Elba and North Corsica

The island of Elba is an ideal destination for a sail boat holiday. The light winds, calm sea and small distance from the Tuscan coast are attractions that can lure anyone to life on the sea; without even considering the beauty of some of the coves difficult to reach by land.
Hiring a catamaran is an unmissable opportunity to visit the island of Elba from a different view point, to navigate its coastline letting yourself be lulled by the waves, to explore secret and fascinating ravines…

itinerari crociera isola d'elba

North Sardinia/South Corsica

When renting a MadMax Nautical Franchising catamaran the north of Sardinia and south of Corsica offer a perfect itinerary to enjoy this beautiful and natural landscape, Caribbean like sea and nightlife. You will be able to enjoy all of this and much more during your holiday on a sailing boat.

The area of the Mediterranean nestled between Italy and France is spectacular, so much so that it is often referred to as an earthly Paradise…

itinerari crociera sardegna

Eolie Islands

The sail boat holiday to the Eolie islands starts at Capo d’Orlando towards these lands of fire and sea: a perfect holiday for those who love adventure together with the discovery of the least contaminated archipelago of the entire Mediterranean, UNESCO world heritage site. Knotted and reddish lava formations embellish much of this coastline, chiseling out the islands often making them rise from the sea bed.

A unique scenario which has hypnotized travelers throughout time. Holidaying at the Eolie islands truly has everyone’s consensus…

itinerari crociera isole eolie

Naples and Amalfi coast

A sailing boat holiday on the Amalfi coast and the Flegree islands, with the exclusive Madmax Nautical Franchising rental agreement, suitable for groups of friends who want to have fun in the famous locations of Positano and Capri, for the families with children who want to spend fabulous days on the sea and in the sunny and peaceful coves of Ischia and Procida; and for the couples looking for romantic places and magical moments that only the Amalfi coast can offer.

A cruise designed to account for all these different desires…

itinerari crociera positano


Very close to Italy, this natural paradise is the perfect place for a sailing boat holiday, with our exclusive MadMax Nautical franchising agreement. A dive into the most beautiful Adriatic and a occasional landing onto beaches like the one on the island of Vis, and then off to the north, a visit to the enchanting national park of the Kornati islands.

These islands are often compared to the Polynesia of the Adriatic, made up of bare rock faces and dry stone walls, almost all uninhabited, when navigating around them we find…

itinerari crociera Croazia