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Catamaran holiday
Unexperienced comfort


This year when you decide to take a catamaran holiday you will be saying goodbye to the many bags to take to crowded beaches, to the queues of cars on roads under scorching sun, to the usual places and scenery that doesn’t change for the entire week.

This year you decide to reward yourself with a catamaran holiday you will discover a fun, exciting, exhilarating holiday, never tiring or stressful.

On a catamaran holiday you will live a week surrounded by vibrant colours that feed the eyes and mind, intoxicating perfumes, incredible sunsets and scenery which changes around you every day. All without the need for you to take a single step because it will be our skippers who will navigate you to the most beautiful coves.

If you are afraid of small spaces on boats you will discover that the spaces on our catamarans are very spacious and bright both above and below deck. Everything is within easy reach, from the sunbeds to the cabins when you want to take an afternoon nap. The kitchen and dining table with sea views are fresh and shaded while always in the centre of incredible scenery.

If you think that children and catamarans don’t mix, its probably because you’ve never seen them have great fun on the nets hanging at the bow of the boat or seen them diving from the steps on the stern. They are always close by and under control just meters away.

If this year you feel like gifting yourself a catamaran holiday, call us, we will do our best to help you fall in love with it all.

“You cant be unhappy when you have this: the smell of the sea, sand under your toes, the air, the wind.”Irène Némirovsky

Catamaran hire for your holiday

Catamaran hire for your holiday – Catamaran charter – sail boat cruises with skipper
Island of Elba – Sardinia – Corsica – Aeolian Islands – Capri and Amalfi – Croatia

Madmax Nautical Franchising offers a large selection of catamarans for charter and boats for rental with professional skippers. The rental of a catamaran or sailing boat is typically a week long.

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MadMax Franchising Nautico
Secure rental guaranteed


The Secure Rental contract offered by MadMax provides for Catamaran rental under perfect conditions. We are so sure of our equipment that if something should stop working we will refund your money.

On board you will find special services like limitless beer on tap (free for the entire holiday), coffee machine with coffee capsules, a large Barbecue, equipment for deep sea fishing, snorkelling gear, a canoe and an SUP.

You will be navigated to the most beautiful Mediterranean coves by a competent skipper (something not to take for granted) but also an available and well mannered person (something even more to not take for granted!).

Last but not least important, there is no need for a deposit, something certainly completely unique and rare!


One week starting from 3500 euro!

On a catamaran with 4 double suites and 4 independent bathrooms that can accommodate up to 10 people in total comfort.

Why chose a MadMax catamaran?

Because we have a unique soul and philosophy for life which we transfer to our jobs, because our founder and CEO has been a skipper his entire carrier and has interacted with thousands of guests like you, on your preferences and needs he has built MadMax.

The unique characteristics of a MadMax holiday

  1. When you rent one of our catamarans you will not be asked to pay a deposit. (try asking one of our competitors for that)
  2. On board you will find free beer on tap, a coffee machine with coffee capsules, a large barbecue,1 canoe and a SUP, 2 deep sea fishing rods and snorkelling equipment. (our competitors don’t offer you anything as good as this)
  3. In our contract you will find written that if something breaks on board and the skipper is unable to fix it within 24 hours, you will be reimbursed when you check out.  (No other competitor is able to offer you such an advantageous contract)
  4. The skipper you will meet on board has been selected and trained personally by our CEO Lucas, they will have completed a skippers full immersion 20 day course. Essential characteristics of our skippers are courtesy and manners, along with professionalism and a real competence in the navigation of a catamaran. As well as knowing how to fix anything that might break down on board. (We are the only company with an internal professional school for skippers)

The selection and internal training program requires a large time and cost commitment from MadMax, but we are convinced that your satisfaction and good reviews will result in a successful investment for you and lead to success.

Would you like to experience the thrill of piloting a catamaran?

As far as piloting a catamaran goes: if a guest would like to pilot and control the vessel, it will be a great pleasure for the skipper to accompany you in this adventure, teaching you the basics of navigation if you require it, all weather dependant. The skipper has overall responsibility for the boat and guests must comply with necessary instructions. The skipper is also responsible for the correct functionality and efficiency of the vessels equipment, in particular the the sailing equipment, the on board instrumentation and engine.

Mooring and cove breaks

The choice of mooring or cove in which to take a break with the catamaran is fundamental to ensure safety and comfort and the skippers advice should be followed as he is also a competent guide who has expert  knowledge of navigation areas. Inside the cove it is the skipper who decides where to moor because only he understands all the variables of wind and sea, seabed and water depth as well as amplitude and type of tilt on the catamaran and nearby vessels as well as local cove rules, just to name the most important. The skipper will always want to moor in the most protected and calm area of the cove just like you.

Weather & Holiday

In view of the fact that the skipper has the experience and knowledge of each locations most important characteristics and weather conditions, it is up to him to decide if it is safe to navigate or not in adverse weather. A great skipper may seem overly cautious, but it is also true that weather conditions seen on a radar or land usually seem less serious than from open sea.

Cooking on board the Catamaran

The preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner is not one of the skippers tasks, guests will naturally prepare their meals. Alternatively, an on board hostess may be requested to prepare meals, tidy living areas and clean bathrooms.

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